Foster Care Program

Thank you for showing interest in our foster care program.  When an animal comes to us with issues that are better handled outside of the shelter, we depend on honest, caring and trustworthy people to foster them.

When signing up to be a foster parent, you agree to care for an animal in your home and transport them to vet appointments, mobile adoptions and meet and greets while in your care.  We will provide you any material (litter, food, medical supplies, etc.) you may need during their stay.  You also agree to remain in contact with the Volunteer Foster Care Coordinator (VFCC) throughout the animal’s stay and to contact the VFCC with any questions or concerns you have regarding an animal’s health and well-being.

By becoming a foster parent you agree to care for an animal with love and respect.  You understand that the animal is owned by Mesabi Humane Society as well as any puppies or kittens delivered in your care.  We would like foster parents to live within 30 miles of Virginia and allow the VFCC and shelter staff to conduct home visits.

Helpful articles from Petfinder on being a Foster Care Provider