Surrendering a Pet

We recognize that the decision to surrender your pet to the Mesabi Humane Society can be a difficult one to make. We want you to know that we understand how hard it can be to relinquish a beloved pet and appreciate your choice to surrender your animal responsibly so that he or she will be safe and will be humanely cared for. Please call us if you have any questions; we are here for you and your pet.

When you are ready to surrender your pet, please call to make an appointment before you bring your pet. If your pet is over eight years, be sure to bring veterinary documentation, including recent blood work and the animal’s current health status. For all animals, at the time of surrender, you should bring in all medical records for your animal as well as a photo ID of yourself. You will also need to show documented proof of ownership, such as licensing or medical records of your pet.

There is a fee for each animal surrendered to the Mesabi Humane Society. We are a non-profit organization and there are costs involved in caring for each animal. We must pay for spay and neutering services (if applicable), vaccinations, medical bills, food, shelter and more.

  • Spayed/neutered cat – $50, not spayed/neutered – $100
  • Spayed/neutered Dog – $75, not spayed/neutered – $150

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